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Our newst cheese is creamy and buttery. This delightful bloomy rind has a rich and savory finish. Jewell is made with certified organic cows’ milk from a neighboring farm and mixed with our farmstead goats’ milk. It perfectly rounds out a cheese tray or makes a stunning appetizer. Its rich and creamy interior spreads beautifully on your favorite cracker, fruit or bread. Jewell took us over seven months to develop and perfect. We feel it is now just right for you to try. It also has a special story behind it (see below).
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Pasteurized organic cows' and farmstead goats' milk, cultures, rennet and salt.
Type & Texture:
Bloomy rind; uncooked; unpressed
Creamy, soft pate, matures from the outside in
Cave aged for 2-4 weeks
Aged at 54ºF and 92% relative humidity
Size:              8 oz and 2.2 lb wheels (approximately)
Wholesale:     Packaged in boxes with 9 (8 oz) wheels or 1 (2.2 lb) wheel
Shelf Life:      4 weeks (when properly refrigerated)
UPC:             895149000154  (8 oz and 2.2 lb wheels)
Availability:    All year
Wine Pairings:
Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris
Suggestions & Recipes:
Pairing with wine, cured meats and fresh fruits.
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Jewell's Story
This cheese has been named Jewell in honor of my late wife Margie Jewell DeCastilhos, co-founder of Tumalo Farms, who passed away from cancer in January, 2010. I called her Jewell from the first time I ever met her – it was a single syllable name and thus easier to pronounce than Margie for a native Portuguese speaker like me. Jewell was truly my soulmate and I think that although it might be a fitting name for this cheese, we would have both agreed that this is far too selfish on my part. But, as the most selfless, smart, charismatic and complete person I’ve ever met, she was truly our family’s guiding light in life and there's nothing more fitting than to honor her. Now she remains part of something positive, beautiful, and delicious at Tumalo Farms.
Nutritional Facts: