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A Goat's Tale:

Tumalo Farms has French Alpine and Saanen (Swiss) goats. These particular breeds of goats thrive in the mountainous Central Oregon environment as it is close to their native setting. They spend most of their time outside on the hillsides of the 84 acre property. The pregnant females and kids have their own barn. The goats are milked twice a day and produce, on average, about 1.5 gallons of milk a day. They live on a carefully controlled diet of alfalfa, orchard grass and a little grain (for lactating females). Their feed is 100% all natural and from neighboring Central Oregon farms.

Tumalo Farms has been expanding their herd as rapidly as possible the good old fashioned way, so as to control the quality of the goats and protect against introducing any outside diseases to the heard. The males are isolated in their very posh bachelor pad so the buck smell does not get into the milk. Often goat cheese has a very “goaty” taste to it. Tumalo Farms has avoided that by isolating the males and by carefully designing a gentle milk pumping and handling process. The milk is handled very delicately (not beat or whipped) so it does not release certain enzymes. Those enzymes are what, in part, creates the “goaty” taste. We have many customers swear they don’t like goat cheese until they try Tumalo Farms artisan cheeses.



Farmstead versus Artisan:

All of Tumalo Farms cheeses are artisan cheeses. That means each cheese is hand crafted by a skilled cheesemaker. There are no automated processes involved. All but two of Tumalo Farms cheeses are farmstead cheeses. Farmstead means that the milk comes from our own herd on the farm and is crafted on the same farm. The process from beginning to end happens on the farm. The only exception is two cheeses that we have introduced to our product line using some cows’ milk, Rimrocker and Jewell. It took over a year to source and perfect a local, organic farm to provide us with this milk. Because we can only get so much milk out of a goat and are committed to expanding the herd organically, we choose to supplement these two cheeses with cows’ milk. Both have been tremendously successful.