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About Tumalo Farms

Tucked in the Central Oregon triangle between Bend, Sisters, and Redmond, Tumalo Farms is 84 acres of lush land surrounded by beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains. Prior to founding Tumalo Farms in 2004, Flavio DeCastilhos spend 20 years in Silicon Valley’s fast-paced, high-tech industry. Flavio co-founded Healtheon/WedMD, introducing online healthcare to the market. During a family vacation to southern Brazil’s wine country, a region rich with Italian ancestry, he became fascinated with the local cheese industry and enthralled with the wonderful tastes and textures of artisan cheeses. He decided to research the potential for building a business centered on what he considers “food for the soul.” Flavio studied throughout the mid-west, northwest and Europe to learn the craft of cheese-making.

Today, Tumalo Farms makes 12 artisan cheeses that have won over 21 national awards in just five years. Ten of our cheeses are farmstead goat cheeses. Two are mixed-milk cheeses using the farm’s goats’ milk combined with organic cows’ milk from a neighboring Central Oregon farm. Tumalo Farms’ delicious, artisan cheeses represent the finest “Central Oregon Terroir” and are sold throughout the country.

Please join us for a unique gastronomical experience.

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The Blending of Art, Science and Passion


Our products are exceptional versions of classic Dutch and Italian cheeses. The production of safe, high-quality cheeses is the primary goal of Tumalo Farms. We start by using superior ingredients. These include our own Grade-A milk, that is screened daily to ensure the highest quality. We raise our own goats, a combined herd of Saanen and Alpine breeds that thrive in our French Alpine-like climate. We milk the goats daily for “fresh from the farm” quality. We offer an all natural product, practice sustainable farming, and do not treat our animals with hormones or use any additives in our milk.


We make cheese for the cheese purists. Our philosophy is that the flavor of cheese should reflect the clean and distinctive taste of the milk from which it is created. From this starting point we get creative with a variety of mostly native ingredients that flavor many of our cheeses. We strive for balance and clarity with each of our unique offerings.  This commitment has resulted in unparalleled flavors we call the “Central Oregon Terrior” that have garnered top national recognition.


 It is the science of aging that is critical to achieving exceptional taste, texture and appearance. At Tumalo Farms, we have a keen understanding of the subtle microbiological and chemical reaction taking place throughout the cheese-making and aging processes. Our diligently maintained cellars provide the perfect balance of temperature, humidity, air flow, and air exchange. We turn our cheeses daily and carefully manage each wheel to achieve an outstanding level of quality.

 Tumalo Farms is committed to excellence. Scientific understanding of cheese-making combined with the best available ingredients and most talented cheese-makers, results in cheeses that are unforgettable and leave you wanting more.